STATEX Collective..

..a group of artists preparing for their next performance of "DIY - manuals for a potential future" at Hålogaland Theatre. This is the shot for the program front page.


Liv Hanne Haugen and her dog Hera..

has been to my studio to do some photos for her upcoming performance, “hun&hund”. The first show will be under DanseFestival Barents in november 2019.

Here is a clip from the program text:

“… A scenic event that takes place between dance artist L.H. Haugen and her dog Hera, a rather unpredictable dance partner. The relationship between the two is somewhat unusual, not only because it is now staged, but because Hera is not subject to society's usual discipline of the species. Hera is for a dog to be, an experienced performing artist with a great talent for presence… ”

Liv Hanne looks for the closest, and always finds something exciting. Thanks for the mission!

Oppdrag for Tromsø SV

Jeg har fotografert Tromsø SV sine kandidater til kommunevalget, her representert ved 1. kandidat Pål Julius Skogholt. Takk så mye for oppdraget.



I am happy to announce the site as open! It has been a long-lasting process to make this happen, and of course, it is a work in progress. There will be changes in the near future, follow me om my Facebook page for updates.

I am staying in Oslo from 29. may to about 09. June and I am available for headshots/portrait work, so please contact me for any inquiries.

The picture below shows my new studio, on the shelf is a new printer and a lot of high quality print papers, up to A2 size, all waiting to be put in production. I am currently working on putting up an online store, for selling prints.

Have a good look around on the site, and I will be very thankful for any comments or feedback regarding the user experience.

I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for visiting!